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Welcome to Passage to India we feature the finest authentic Indian cuisine. The variety, combination and uses of spices are the major factors that distinguish Indian cuisine from any other cuisine in the world. Some spices are used primarily to please the eyes to give the "sight"; "color" and "texture" to the food and some are used for its flavor. Throughout the process preparing the food, the cook will judge his spicing with an eye for the color and aroma of the dish as well as its flavor. Spices are the keys to every kitchen. The Country of India grows good quality spices. Far back in history, the Malabar Coast of Kerala, in southwest India ranked as one of the world's most important trading centers. Vasco-de-Gama is the Portuguese explorer who opened the first sea route to India's Malabar Coast in 1498. In the Portuguese history book, the title I Dom Vasco-de-Gama is known as the sixth viceroy of India. Not only him, but also many others came too. Marco Polo and King Solomon navigated the Arabian Sea to Malabar Coast to purchase spices. Christopher Columbus was also looking for the way to India but took the wrong route and discovered America. Our country is rich in cinnamon, cloves, ginger, pepper and saffron. The spices from India are famous for their aroma and flavor. Most of the spices you see in the market are from India. "Not all spices are hot." The familiar phrase in recipes, "Season to taste" has greater value in Indian cuisine. At Passage to India, we try our best to prepare a meal to your taste. No matter which dish you choose at Passage to India, it will be prepared by the chef, an expert in the cuisine and will be as authentic as possible. We trust you will enjoy your experience and return to share our cuisine and hospitality.
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